Angels Among Us 2024

Walt's WolfPack

Dear Friends and Family,

I am now a two-year survivor of brain cancer!!  Oct 2021.  

It was a miracle that we discovered a tumor while going for a neck MRI after headaches.   I do not ask people for much, but Today I am kindly asking you to join my Walt's Wolfpack to fight against brain tumors through research.  Last year Desiree and I participated in the 5k run on Duke University's campus.  There were teams that showed up to support the survivor and I thought that it would be great to have a team of my own.  I felt loved and supported as I went through surgery and recovery - IE my wolfpack had my back and prayers worked.  What I ask is that you register for the 5k in Durham and run or walk.  Links will be provided.  If Spring travel to the Carolinas is not possible just donating through my team will be more than appreciated.  I have been attempting to run in preparation for the event.  Last year it was a combination of walking and jogging.  We will tailgate with coffee before the race and afterwards there is a party included.  I open my home to anyone that wants to visit before or after the event.  Thank you for considering supporting my team and if we could jog/walk together that would be awesome!

Thank you, 

Love Walt

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