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I'm not sure if everyone knows, but my dad is a brain tumor survivor, and this team was made on his behalf... He is actually going to be participating in the 5k (walking), which helped elevate him even higher as my hero.  He had an apple size brain tumor removed at the Cleveland Clinic in 2005 that was originally diagnosed in the Fall of 2004... He then spent the last part of 2010 in NC having gammaknife treatments done at Duke to remove the remaining part of the tumor.

It has been a tough process, but he made it... There are many out there who do not share this "happy" outcome, and I feel proud to be running towards a cure. 

Be an angel and join me at the Angels Among Us 5K and Family Fun Walk to find a cure for brain tumors.

A brain tumor diagnosis will ripple across your entire life. Priorities shift. Every moment becomes more meaningful. Relationships become more loving. Time more precious.

At the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke, they understand how overwhelming a brain tumor diagnosis can be and they are passionate about understanding the "how" and "why" of brain tumors. But they need our support to push their research forward at a faster rate to find a cure.

Help me find a cure! Join with me so no other family must endure the pain of having a loved one diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Thank you for your support. Your gift puts us closer to the goal of finding a cure for brain tumors.

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