About Our Journey

On October 3, 2010 our world changed forever. On that day, Robert was diagnosed with brain cancer; and, every day since, he has fought for his life.

Since then, I’ve heard many call me ‘the strong one’. They say it’s because I stayed by his side, or because I’m decisive during tough decision making moments or because I’m steadfast in my resolve in moving forward. But really, he’s the strong one. I move forward because I follow him. He guides me, he empowers me. His will to live is both infectious and inspirational.

Robert has gone through surgery, seizures, relearning to walk, relearning to speak and he continues forward. He’s currently undergoing the most difficult challenge yet – an aggressive chemotherapy regimen and yet, he’s doing it with grace, with focus and with determination. Felipe, Mateo and I see his strength and desire to keep going, every day.

On the upcoming 10th anniversary of his diagnosis, I will honor him, his strength, his perseverance. I will run one mile for each year he has battled brain cancer plus one mile for the year ahead – 11 miles in total. It’s my turn to show him that he’s got this, the year will be hard but he can do it.

Please join me on October 3rd in celebrating Robert’s strength and commitment to fight for his life. Run, walk, say a prayer or donate to fighting brain cancer. #DoIt4Robert #RunIt4Robert #WearGreyForRobert #IWearGreyForMyHusband #BrainCancerAwareness

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