Angels Among Us 2021-2022

Myla (survivor) and her sidekick sister Ava
Myla (survivor) and her sidekick sister Ava

Team Myla

Looking at our beautiful 7 year old daughter, Myla, you'd never know she is in the fight of her life... for the 2nd time. Myla was diagnosed with a Pilocytic Astrocytoma brain tumor at 18 months old. After 6 brain surgeries, 4 years of physical therapy and 2 years of weekly chemo, she beat the tumor, and we could not be more proud of her! Unfortunately, after 3 years of clear scans, we found out in April 2018 that the tumor is back. We were getting ready for Myla to go to Kindergarten and were so excited she would be able to do that with the tumor behind her, so we were pretty crushed when it returned.

Along with unbelievable support from our amazing family and friends, we have been especially grateful to the Doctors, Nurses and Researchers at Duke Children's Hospital, who have made Myla's journey bearable, and often times really fun for her! Because of the research being done, Myla has been able to take her chemo this time around in the form of a pill while attending Kindergarten, which has allowed her to have a much better quality of life and fewer disruptions to her school schedule, for which we are so thankful! She is loving first grade and has been thriving there and making such great friends!

We have participated in the Angels Among Us Walk every year since Myla was diagnosed and are thankful for the research being done to end brain cancer through this amazing organization. The event is so much fun, so emotional and has been such a great opportunity for Myla to really understand that she has so much support and is so loved! Thank you for your prayers for Myla, and for any donation you can make to the Angels Among Us foundation - Team Myla- in support of ending pediatric brain cancer!

Reeba, Dave, Myla and Ava Lambert

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