Angels Among Us 2021-2022

Destination HOPE

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Destination Hope is a travel assistance program that will provide travel and lodging funds for pediatric patients who qualify for a clinical trial at Duke but can’t afford the expense of traveling to Durham.

Entering a clinical trial may be a child’s last hope. And while insurance providers and Medicaid used to cover logistical costs associated with participation in clinical trials; most no longer do so.

That is why Destination Hope is so important. It will provide patients a fighting chance with easy entry into the trial, avoid delays of lengthy and prohibitive insurance approval processes and ease a family’s financial burden during the duration of their stay while undergoing treatment at Duke.

And, you are not only providing hope to children across the country who are facing the diagnosis of brain cancer, but you also are helping researchers at Duke learn more about fighting this disease.

Thank you for supporting Destination Hope and providing the priceless gift of HOPE for our children.

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