Angels Among Us 2021-2022

Kathy's Gliosarcoma Angels

Kathy Koonce, was suddenly diagnosed with a 7.5 cm brain tumor on 11/20/19. After surgery to remove the tumor, she was diagnosed with Gliosarcoma. Gliosarcoma is an extremely rare and very aggressive form of brain cancer that only 215 people per year in the United States are diagnosed with. There is no specific treatment for Gliosarcoma. Therefore, it is treated with standard of care treatments for Glioblastoma (GBM). There is NO CURE...yet.

Kathy fought a courageous battle for 15 months. She did everything possible to beat this disease including: surgery, chemo, radiation, immunotherapy and daily exercise. She overcame pulmonary embolisms, skin infections, fluid retention, facial nerve pain, vision loss and 7 hospitalizations. She did NOT complain and never waivered in her faith.

Gliosarcoma took away her ability to see, swallow, walk, and talk in an unimaginable and brutal way. She entered Heaven and won her race on 2/3/21. Now, it is our opportunity to advocate for her and others by walking, running or donating in her loving memory. Thank you!!!

Event Info:
October 2, 2021 @ Duke

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