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Virtual Love, Laura, Mom, and Dad 4-25-20
Virtual Love, Laura, Mom, and Dad 4-25-20


A Message from Laura, 4-26-2020

No news (in my case) is good news. I had a virtual appointment (a first!), which makes me optimistic about the technological ability to remain connected to Duke doctors once I return to Boston.

Yesterday morning I woke up to two pictures, one of the High Point, NC Browns and one of the Coats, NC Jones family. I myself had forgotten about the Angels Among Us Walk in support of brain cancer research (postponed due to Covid), but these two thoughtful families had remembered and celebrated. A special shout out to the sign, which is significant because I walked around the hospital after/in the midst of days of 0 hours of sleep enjoying Wonderwoman-like stamina and flexing to "Boston Strong" (h/t Jenn C and Michelle C for telling me to be "(Boston) strong"). We went on our own walk after it warmed up, and I was in a playful mood, ex. "I love you" (ASL) "bunny ears." Where were the kids, you might ask? Singing karaoke (Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga) with their cousin(s)--thank you Steins for the relaxing weekend!

One of the silver linings of having cancer is that you learn how many people love you. I've been moved by the quantity and quality of this love. And I have a renewed sense of gratitude for my family, who has gone above and beyond in providing for me during this time. This is why I'd like to end with this post with an "ASL bunny ears" ILY to all of you.





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