Angels Among Us 2021-2022

With us ALWAYS
With us ALWAYS

Team McCain

John, Johnny, Dad, Daddio, Pompous, Bossman, Mother Duck....he went by many names and wore many hats and amused us all, and took care of us all along the way....even when he was battling brain cancer. John was diagnosed with glioblastoma in August of 2018 and had unbelievable support and help from family, friends and those at The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke up to and continuing beyond his passing in February of 2020. I cannot even begin to put into words what all this has meant to HAVE HOPE after diagnosis was priceless....and dignity along the way...again...PRICELESS. Many in the medical field will take that away...but not Duke.  They stand by you and encourage you and give you options at every turn.  They allow you to keep hope and keep your dignity.  For this we will FOREVER be extremely grateful to PRTBTC and will do whatever we can to help them along in their research and care for patients. The. Angels Among Us Run is one such way to help.  Please consider a donation to our team, Team McCain....whatever feels right to you. ALL donations are sincerely appreciated. It takes a village....thanks for being part of the village. 

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