Angels Among Us 2023

My Mom <3
My Mom <3

No Surrender

My name is Becca and my mom, Laura, was diagnosed with brain cancer in summer of 2018. She has battled through radiation, chemo, 2 tumor removals, countless physical and occupational therapy appointments. Her fight with cancer is filled with hope, sadness and a lot of hard work on her end. I've watched my mom cry, laugh and love since her diagnosis. Brain cancer has taken her ability to work, drive, write (this especially broke her heart as my mom has beautiful handwriting and one of her greatest joys is writing handwritten notes to people) but it has not taken her will to live. I admire my mom so much for her willpower. She is currently rocking an Optune Cap which essentially halts cancer cells from developing for 2 years. Now my mom looks like Hellraiser or something, but she is willing to go through that day to day in order to fight for a tomorrow. NO SURRENDER (thank you to my mom's idol, THE BOSS) is her motto, and that is the ethos our team shares - do not give up on yourself, not ever, no matter what.

If you or anyone you love has ever been effected by cancer, you are a part of a really crappy club. One of the only benefits of this club is the shared understanding and empathy the community members share with one another. Organizations like Angels Among Us provide a space for people to come together to support a cause that can save lives and there are very few things more beautiful than that <3

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