Angels Among Us 2023

Tine's Tumor Tramplers

Our lives were changed in April of 2020 when Christine was diagnosed with a brain tumor after she began having seizures. Several close friends and family members recommended seeking treatment at Duke. We were connected to the amazing team of doctors and surgeons at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center and we knew immediately that Christine's brain would literally be in good hands at Duke. On April 24th, 2020 she had brain surgery to remove the tumor. This was Step 1 in her brain cancer battle. We are incredibly thankful for the skilled and steady hands of her surgeon, Dr. Allan Friedman. Dr. Friedman and his team took great care of Christine before, during, and after surgery, which set her up for a smooth recovery so that she could start Step 2 of her brain cancer battle (chemo and radiation) feeling strong and ready. Brain cancer cells like to hide in healthy brain tissue, making it difficult to remove all of the cancerous cells with surgery alone. Unfortunately, there are currently limited treatment options to tackle the rest of the job. This is why increased funding for brain tumor and brain cancer research is so important. Please consider joining us in the fight to end Brain Cancer by donating to our team or by meeting us at the starting line on April 22, 2023. 

These Tar Heels will always bleed Carolina Blue, but we would be grateful if you would consider joining our team to support the incredible work that Duke is doing to increase brain cancer research and find more effective treatment options. You can help by donating to our team, or signing up to run with us at Duke on April 22, 2023. We believe that "At Duke There is Hope."See you at the srtarting line!

2023 Update:  Christine's most recent MRI in December was stable (we were so relieved to get that news!).  

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