Angels Among Us 2023

Teresea's Guardians

We are walking in memory of my mom, Teresea Workman, who lost her battle to an astrocytoma brain tumor on April 12, 2003 at the age of 37. This April will mark 20 years since she has been gone and while so much time has passed, I think about her daily, especially in the last couple of years as I have begun my journey as a mom. 


Mom's tumor was diagnosed in her 20s and she fought for years to be the best mom she could be, despite many challenges that were thrown her way. At the time, the location of her tumor made it inoperable so she lived the life that consisted of recurrent MRIs to check on the status, holistic approaches to help shrink the tumor, steroids, and several other medications. As a 13 year old girl when she passed, I am sure there was so much more happening behind the scenes that I wasn't even aware of. The tumor impacted her speech, resulted in seizures, created tremors, and paralyzed her leg which put her in a motorized wheel chair for the last couple years of her life. This would slow many people down, but for a woman who was determined to not only fight this tumor but also show up everyday to be a mom of 2 young children, she never skipped a beat. My brother and I were still involved in any sports or activities we wanted in an attempt to give us the most "normal" childhood we could have. 


I wish we had the research and technology available to us today when my mom needed it but my hope is to raise money for further ground-breaking lab research at Duke so that more families can hold on to their loved ones just a little bit longer. As this 20 year anniversary approches, I would like to walk in celebration of the life she lived and all that she was able to teach me in just the short 13 years we had together. 


Mom was a diehard Cleveland Indians fan (before they became the Guardians). I have very fond memories of us shouting at the TV and seeing her get so excited with every hit and homerun. In honor of her love for the Indians, now Guardians, we walk as "Teresea's Guardians". On April 22, 2023, we walk in honor of her strength, courage, will-power, and love for her family.


Thank you for your support! I hope to see you there,
Ashley Bulen 

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