Angels Among Us 2023

Maribeth (left) Carla (right)
Maribeth (left) Carla (right)

Hubba's Bubbas

Hi friends and family, 

This is our 18th year walking as a team, and the 30th anniversary of Angels Among Us! 

We race and walk in remembrance of our two angels, Carla Stitt (2006) and Maribeth Spangenberg (2012), my mom and my aunt, my heroes. These two sister-in-laws were characterized by their faith, courage, and kindness. They made a lasting impact on every person they interacted with, and are dearly missed today and always by our family. Throughout their battles with brain cancer, they remained steadfast and courageous at every turn, choosing to trust in Jesus. We honor them by continuing to fight for a cure, and by embodying their spirit of kindness and hope. 

We hope you will join us, whether from afar, or in-person with us on April 22nd. Your continued support throughout the years means the world to our family. 

We love you all. 


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