Angels Among Us 2024

John and Margie
John and Margie

John's Tumor Warriors

We are raising funds to help defeat GBM in memory of John F McKenna and Margie McKenna. John would have been 33 at the time of this year's event. His personal battle was bravely fought with tremendous support from the Duke team lead by Dr. Henry Friedman. Despite all the effort put forth, John succumbed to GBM in 2014. The McKenna family recently lost their beloved cousin Margie in October of 2023. She too faced her diagnosis with the same equanimity as John. All of the McKenna family and their friends are thankful for the work of the attending medical staff.

Their fight will not be in vain as the team at Duke, with your financial support and prayers, will labor on in their mission to contain and defeat brain cancer. Your support will give HOPE to those survivors who today are carrying on.

This year we will be attending the Angels Among Us fundraiser. If any of you can join us it will make this event even more meaningful.

Thank you for any support you can offer.

John and Melanie McKenna

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