Angels Among Us 2024

Myla (Survivor) and her sister Ava
Myla (Survivor) and her sister Ava

Team Myla

Thank you for helping to find a cure for pediatric brain tumors! Many people do not realize that there are no specific cures for children with brain cancer - all the therapies used are ones for adults that are adjusted for children. We need a cure for CHILDREN that allows them to have a decent quality of life and will help find a cure! And that is where Angels Among Us comes in. 100% of ALL the donations made to Angels Among Us goes to research to find a cure for childhood brain cancer!

That research has had a direct benefit to Myla, as she began a Trial pediatric chemotherapy study in May 2021. Although she has dealt with some nasty side effects, the Day 101 chemotherapy has allowed her to have a great quality of life, all things considered. She takes Jazz dance classes weekly, loves to play soccer with her friends, plays hard (and fights hard!) with her little sister Ava, loves to paint and draw, and dances her heart out in her room (when she thinks no one is watching!). We are so blessed that she is able to lead a fairly normal life, even being on chemo... and that is because of the RESEARCH that has led to this trial drug, specifically for pediatric patients!!!!

Myla was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 15 months old and is on her 3rd round of chemotherapy to try to beat it. Even after all the surgeries, nausea, rashes, pokes, MRIs, EEGs, EKGs, blood draws, sedation visits, ER visits, and so so many nights in the hospital, she remains tough as nails and sweet as can be.

Ava, Myla's little sister is Myla's #1 caregiver and cheerleader. She watches out for her and takes it hard when Myla isn't feeling well. From all of us, especially Ava, we thank you so much for continuing to support this important organization. Wishing you love and health, always!

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