Angels Among Us 2024

Ash-Cat's Avengers

Be an angel and join "Ash-Cat's Avengers". This team is dedicated to fighting back in memory of Ashley House Barefoot and "avenging" the loss of our angel.

Ashley House Barefoot's fight against GBM ended October 27, 2012. When she left us she took a part of us. As her family, friends, and co-workers we are continuing her fight by joining forces with "Angels Among Us". This organization donates all of the money raised to the Preston Robert Tisch Tumor Center at Duke. Duke Hospital was part of Ashley's family through work and during her treatment. This money is immediately put towards innovating research and more to get us one step closer to a cure! 


Help us help them find a cure so that maybe one day there will be more Angels walking among us rather than watching over us!

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