Angels Among Us 2024

Earning Our Wings

Thank you for visiting the "Earning Our Wings" team page.

Our Angels Among Us 5K team formed in 2017, a few months following my tumor removal in the fall of 2016.  With the support of family, friends, and supporters near and far, this will be our eighth time raising money for Duke's Brain Tumor Center! I hope we have a team to support the Duke Brain Tumor Center for years to come. 

My brain tumor journey taught me many things, among them, that more people than I ever knew have been affected by brain tumors. Conversations about my diagnosis with others would reveal that "my mom", "my brother", "my friend", "my student", or "my neighbor" has been similarly affected. Please consider supporting our team and helping us raise money for the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center as we line up for the Angels Among Us 5K for the eighth time.

Thanks so much!

Jaime Hauser

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