Angels Among Us 2024

Clara's Angels

Thank you for visiting Clara's Angels!  Our team has been reactivated for 2024 in support of the Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke and we hope you will join us on April 27.

Clara's story began 11 years ago and due to the expert care at Duke, the love and support of family and friends, and God's grace, she remains healthy and well today.

This past year she did endure another surgery to remove a few loose screws (good laughs there) and is sporting a new hairdo for the time being.  She goes for a MRI every four months and all reports remain great.  

We are blessed and amazed by Clara’s health and the work continuing at Duke.  Brain cancer leaves it mark on all those connected and sadly more people are diagnosed daily.  We remain grateful for all your support and plan to be together in the spring cheering on all the survivors, celebrating Clara and all at Duke and hope you can be with us!

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