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The unRemarkables

The Remarkable Kathy Ackerman (1956-2022)

Introducing The UnRemarkables!  Upon her diagnosis, Kathy and our entire family became full-fledged supporters of Angels Among Us. She had a passion for the cause and, even though it was a long shot, she held out hope that with enough research funding a cure could be found, if not for her, then for someone else afflicted with brain cancer.

Throughout her illness, whenever she had her quarterly MRI, Kathy hoped to hear that the results were "unremarkable."  In typical cheeky Kathy fashion, she decide to name her AAU team The Unremarkables.  Well, as most of you know, Kathy was a truly remarkable person, especially in the way she lived her life and dealt with her brain cancer.  So, we think it only fitting that, going forward, her team be called The UnRemarkables.

To honor, remember and celebrate Kathy and in hopes of finding a cure for brain cancers, we invite all our family and friends to join us by passionately participating in and supporting Angels Among Us.

The funds raised at Angels Among Us directly support cutting-edge brain tumor research at Duke.  Here, ground-breaking lab research is translated into treatments for patients more quickly than anywhere else. Your gift will give Duke's investigators the resources needed to push their research efforts at an even faster rate.

So, please join us in supporting Angels Among Us! Click the JOIN TEAM button nearby to register for the April 27, 2024 events or click the DONATE NOW button to make a donation.

If you would prefer, you can also mail your tax-deductible contribution to the following address (be sure to mention “The UnRemarkables” sent you!):

Tisch Brain Tumor Center-Angels
DUMC Box 3624
Durham, NC 27710

We greatly appreciate your support!


The Ackermans

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