Angels Among Us 2024

Team Layla

Layla has been getting treatment for her brain tumor for the last 3 years. She had a full round of 2 chemos through a port in her chest for a year, had a year break from chemo, then the tumor grew and has was on an oral chemo for a year. We just found out that she can take a break from chemo so that she can grow (she didn't grow in height at all last year). We are thankful for the break, but are also nervous because if it grows again or her eyesight declines she will have to go back on treatment. We realize now more than ever that we HAVE to find better treatment options and a cure! I am running in the Angels Among us 5k at Duke to raise money to support brain tumor research. If you would like to donate, or join my "Team Layla" running or walking team, please do! We did this run last 2 years and it was so fun and so special to celebrate all the brain tumor survivors and everything that they have been through, while also raising money for brain tumor research in hopes for better treatments for current and future brain tumor patients! Layla ,Jack and Cora all ran the 5k with us and did the kids race last year! Come run/walk with us! 

"Angels Among Us 5K and Walk of Hope is a celebration of life, strength, courage and commitment. Your gift will be used for brain tumor research and education, and may be endowed to provide ongoing support of the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center."

We will wear our purple shirts again this year to make it cheaper and easier for friends that already have them! If you do not have a team layla shirt and would like one, please copy and paste this link to order one! 

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