CRUSH 2020

Team TushTush

Hi everyone. Unfortunately, the t-shirts will not arrive before Saturday's virtual event. They should arrive next week and I am planning on picking up the shirts for the team. I will distribute them as soon as we can safely see each other again. Please let me know if you want to pick up your own shirt when we get notice they have arrived and are ready for pickup.
That being said, if anyone would like to meet at Northgate at 8:00 am on Saturday morning, we can walk around Northgate property, not inside. We will stay outside and might be able to venture down to the Elerbe Creek trail.
Please let me know if you want to meet up and walk. Wear an older Crush shirt or something Blue so we can get a group picture.
Those that are running or walking on their own, please don't forget to post to the Crush FB page, Instagram or Twitter.
Please pass this along to others that are not in this group as I am not friends with everyone who has signed up.
You can also email me at
Sorry for the late notice, it's been a bit crazy with this virus and I totally understand if you do not want to meet to walk.

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