CRUSH 2020

Baby Got Back

Hello! Thank you for visiting our Team Page: Baby Got Back (we know you're singing it in your head now-- go on and admit it! No judgment here!). We enjoy running races together, especially when we can do one around the time of a special event or occasion. The CRUSH 5k happens to fall on the weekend of Will's 16th birthday. We are super excited that we can run the 2020 CRUSH 5k together in part to celebrate Will but to also show our appreciation for the Duke Cancer Center and their care for our Poppie. :-) 

Poppie (Belinda) was diagnosed with colon cancer in the Spring of 2017. Through radiation, chemo, surgery, more chemo, and more surgery, Poppie has been amazing and shown cancer who is boss (including NOT losing her hair-- I'll share that story another day). Thanks to her amazing team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and everyone at the Duke Cancer Center, she is currently cancer free and doing amazing! We are truly grateful for the Duke medical team, and we're excited to have a chance to give back and show our gratitude. We are also pretty excited to run the CRUSH 5k and to see Poppie cheering us on at the finish line! That is the best gift the almost 16 year old (and his Mom) could ask for. 

Our goal as a team is to raise $500 for the CRUSH 5k in honor of Poppie: if you are able, please make a donation to our team, Baby Got Back, to show your support of the Duke Cancer Center. Donations can be made through our team and individual pages.

As we get closer to the race, I will post more details about the race, Poppie's cancer journey, and ways you can help us support the Duke Cancer colon cancer team. 

Thank you for taking time to check out our page! 

~Erin and Will 

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