Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walk & 5K Run

Team Fighting in Faith has several team captains: Kathy Jennings, Leslie and Becky Gordon.

This page is to donate specifically under Kathy Jennings.  If you want to donate under Leslie Williams or Becky Gordon, click on their names on our team page!  

Join us in the fight to find NEW treatments for Ovarian Cancer!  We ARE NOW A TEAM EFFORT FOR FIGHING IN FAITH! 

DID YOU KNOW THAT Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer and that there are NO screening tools to detect this disease early??  And in the last 40 years there have not been any major break throughs for treatments, a cure, or a diagnostic test/tool? 

BUT.....because of YOU and your support and donations, Duke has been able to hire researchers to work full time at DCI to work solely on Ovarian Cancer....and your support today could mean a break through for patients in the next year or so!!!

Kathy Jennings - 4 year Stage 4 Ovarain Cancer Survivor, patient of Dr. Angeles Secord at DCI.  Diagnosed 2017, surgery, chemo and one year of a Phase 1 Trial Drug, Pembrolizumab completed in December 2018.  I received life saving surgery and treatments at Duke Cancer Institute in Durham, NC.

I had a first recurrence of Ovarian Cancer in October 2020.  I finished chemo in Feb 2021.  I am now on a maintenance drug, Zejula to hopefully keep the cancer from growing again!  I receive DIRECT benefits to the annual Gail Parkinson Memorial Ovarian Cancer Walk held each September.  This is the 19th year for this fundraiser and funds can be donated through September 17 to meet our goal!

Join us in our efforts to support Ovarian Cancer Research as we participate in the In person live Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Walk.  If you are able to support our team's effort to raise money, we would greatly appreciate your donation!  We appreciate every dollar to find an end to ovarian cancer.

Thank you for visiting our Ovarian Cancer Awareness page!  During this challenging time of recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic and the difficult economic times, the need to come together as a community could not be stronger.  Any amount, great or small, helps to raise money and awareness in our fight against ovarian cancer.  Duke is making progress with new and better treatments and continuing their goal of finding an accurate screening test and with your help it will become a reality. 

We greatly appreciate any support that you can afford!!

Once again, thank you for your generous support!  Together we can make a difference!

Praise God as He is the ultimate Healer and He is also the Provider of all we need!

Details for the Fundraiser Walk/Run on September 18, 2021 are on the home page of the Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Walk/Run.