Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walk & 5K Run

Ovarian Cancer Walk 2021

Maria's Mob

Welcome to Maria's Mob!  

Join us in our efforts to support Ovarian Cancer Research as we participate in the Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Walk & 5K Run, in memory of Maria Theresa Cocker and all those affected by Ovarian Cancer. 

We're back in action, and also available virtually this year!  So many amazing ways to participate! 

Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks so much for your support!



Dawn and Alexis 


Maria's Mob Raised
$1,000 Raised Dawn Cocker $1,085.00
Michele Atchison $95.00
Uday Sekhar Balaka $45.00
Drew Barnard $45.00
Brady Bell $45.00
Drew Cline $45.00
Brandon Copeland $45.00
Drew Harrington $40.00
Jess Harrington $40.00
Amy Havasy $40.00
Ashley Heacock $40.00
$100 Raised Scott Hotop $240.00
Ashley Ivie $45.00
Preston Ivie $45.00
Alexis Jones $90.00
$500 Raised Alexis Kincaid $915.00
Luke Kincaid $40.00
Haley LeClair $45.00
Bradley Lockwood $40.00
Sherri McCraw $40.00
Megan McGrath $40.00
Logan Melchione $45.00
Peter Melchione $40.00
Ryan Sahlbach $45.00
Alnisa Scribner $40.00
Heather Seaman $45.00
Jennifer Smethurst $80.00
Katie Stratton $40.00
Lauren Tito $45.00
Cameron White $40.00
Team Gifts $4,515.00
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