Probiotics and COVID-19


  • Probiotics are live bacteria that can improve the health of bacteria in your gut (the microbiome).  They can also make your immune system stronger and help you fight infections like respiratory viruses and pneumonia.
  • Probiotics may prevent COVID-19 infection. They may also reduce symptoms and severity in people who become infected.
  • We have identified a probiotic that is safe, well-tolerated and may reduce the risk of developing COVID-19 by 30-50%.

We are established researchers at Duke University supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). However, those funds are committed to other projects, and it can take up to a year for a new grant to be funded. Given the urgency of COVID-19, we are taking the unusual step of asking for your support for our COVID-19 probiotic clinical trials so we can test this potentially helpful therapy as soon as possible


How you can help:

Donations to the COVID-19 PROTECT Clinical Trials will help us conduct this essential research including efforts to enroll subjects, coordinate care, and analyze data. We truly believe that these studies may directly benefit and protect people who are at risk for COVID-19. This is especially important as our country and economy reopen and exposures to COVID-19 may increase. 

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For those interested in more information, please visit ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN.