Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising needs to be FUN...not only for your prospective donors, but for YOU too!  We've put together (with the help of some team captains) a list of fun-filled events your team could host and/or interesting items to sell.

Three Quick Ways to Raise $100

    1. Donate $20 yourself and ask four friends for $10 each
    2. Ask 20 Friends to donate $5 each
    3. Ask 10 Friends to donate $10 each

Dress Down Day at Work - Ask your boss for approval first...Announce that for the whole month anyone who donates $5 can wear jeans and sneakers every Monday (or whatever day your boss picks).  What a quick, easy, and FUN way to fundraise for your team and Crush Colorectal Cancer 5K!

Charity Night at a Restaurant - Contact a favorite restaurant or fast food place to donate a percentage of the night's proceeds to your cause. Publicize to EVERYONE to eat there on  the particular night you agreed upon with the restaurant management. The restaurant may require volunteers to help with the overflow.  

Have a Chili Cookoff! - Host a chili cookoff in your neighborhood or with people at your church. Each person who enters would provide enough chili for 10-15 people (depending on ticket sales). Ticket holder to receive a bowl of chili, cornbread, celery, and a dessert. Announce the chili cookoff winner and crown them chili queen/king. Have fun with it!

Create Business Cards - An easy way to hand someone information on how to register for your Crush Colorectal Cancer 5K team is to create business cards from a computer. Let them know the basic details of how to register, donate, or sponsor Crush Colorectal Cancer 5K!.

Wine Tasting - Contact a local winery or a wholesale wine store to host an open house wine tasting. You could either sell tickets to the tasting or ask the store management to donate a percentage of the sales to your cause.  You could provide the cheese and crackers and the wine management provide the tasting. Throw in a raffle and you have the makings of a great afternoon.

Selling Krispy Kreme Donuts - Krispy Kreme has a program in place to provide groups with fundraising potential. Visit Krispy Kreme Fundraising for more information.

Popsicle Sale - Ask a local grocery store to donate the Popsicles and sell them at school or church baseball/soccer/football games. Set up a Popsicle stand at a yard sale or car wash. Tell the grocery store they would receive a gift-in-kind receipt.

Bowl-a-thon - Contact a local bowling alley and ask if they would donate the use of the alleys as a gift-in-kind. Charge teams to enter (ie. $100 for teams of 4-5 bowlers). You can also solicit for sponsors; example, a business could be a lane sponsor for $250. These sponsors can be listed on a banner at the event. Solicit businesses for donations of prizes for a silent auction or door prizes. More valuable items to be placed in the silent auction and lower value items can be door prizes. Businesses will receive tax credit for the value of any products (not services) they donate. A gift-in-kind form is attached for them to fill out and send to Duke. One event initiated a 50/50 raffle. Tickets were sold for $10 each. When the winning ticket was drawn, the pot was up to $1200 - $600 to the charity, $600 to the ticket winner (in some cases, the ticket winner donated back their portion).

Dinner Party Night - Plan a dinner party for family or friends in your home. Solicit as much of your food donated as possible. You could even contact a local music ensemble that would volunteer their performance. One volunteer held something as simple as a hot dog dinner with all the fixings and homemade desserts for a $10 donation. A small silent auction could be set up for donated items. Karaoke could take the place of an ensemble. Now that's a fun time!

Middle School Dance (4th - 7th graders) - Purchase tickets to attend (suggested price of $6.00 for about 2 1/2 hrs. Snacks and drinks provided (donation) at a community club (donation) and a DJ playing the latest tunes with dedications available. Flyers distributed to schools and around town and sent home with children in surrounding schools (could involve churches, etc.).

Bake Sale - Nothing better than a good old fashion bake sale. Set one up at church, school, or even at work. Your children's sport games is another great place to sell yummy snacks.

For Winter/Tree & Wreath Sale -- For Spring/Pansy & Azalea Sale - Contact a local nursery and work with them on a good price to pre-sell pansies and azaleas in the fall. Have order forms (both hard copies and electronic) and send to any and everybody. They have a selection of colors and styles and prepay. Set up a pick up location and the nursery will drop off the order to you. This has been very successful. You can also work with larger accounts (universities, businesses) and try to get their orders as well. The nursery should have no problem delivering for you this "new account" you have created for them. Can change plant selection and do in the spring (i.e. impatiens, etc.).

Car Wash - Pet Wash - Many high school students, service clubs or church youth groups need community service hours so you may want to contact these groups to raise funds for your team.  Another great way to add more members to your team.  How fun would it be to have a pet wash; very unique idea and not over done. 

Replicate Walk/Event in Your Community on a Smaller Scale - Sign up sponsors for your own 5K, 2 mile, 5200 yard walk or you set the distance for your event. Collect your pledges and be extremely proud of all you've accomplished!