Virtual Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising needs to be FUN...not only for your prospective donors, but for YOU too!  We've put together (with the help of some team captains) a list of fun-filled events your team could host and/or interesting items to sell.


Be sure to take photos of your events and email them to and if you upload them on Facebook, please tag us! 


The Top Three Quick Ways to Raise $100


    1. Donate $20 yourself and ask four friends for $20 each
    2. Ask 20 Friends to donate $5 each
    3. Ask 10 Friends to donate $10 each


Digital Happy Hour – attendees learn how to make new/fun COCKTAILS from home using Google Meet, YouTube, Zoom, etc. Have each participant make a donation to join the PARTY!

Face Mask Competition - Decorate your face mask in any fashion. The CRAZIER the better and post to social media. Participants must make a donation to vote.

Cooking Lesson – Host a one-night event for a cooking lesson. Inform your attendees of what ingredients and tools they will need for the lesson.  Use platforms such as Google Meet, YouTube, Zoom, or others to live stream the event. Have participants to pay a fee to cook with friends & enjoy NEW recipes!

Virtual Talent Show – collect registrations prior, then have people submit videos of themselves showing off their talent.  Post to social media to get voters to donate to decide the winner.

Sidewalk Chalk Competition – Kids would love this! Invite family &  friends to check out the art and pay a fee or make a donation to vote.  Most votes on Social Media wins!

Pet Costume Contest – Dress up your cats, dogs, goats, guinea pigs, or any other animal! Post pics to social media and have donations to vote on the cutest FUR BABY!

Food Eating Contest – hot dogs, wings or donuts. Whatever food you prefer. Have participants pay a fee to enter. Have someone keep the time clock and enjoy watching the fastest EATER win!

Bingo – Have participants join using Zoom, YouTube, Google Meet, etc and have them pay a fee to join the game! Have an evening filled with fun & laughter yelling BINGO!

Virtual Video Gaming Marathon – Invite friends to see who can play the longest. Have them solicit pledges or find sponsors to push them to keep them going. You could also have contestants to pay a fee to PLAY against one another.

Painting Class –   Embark on the creative side and paint a picture together with friends. Inform your attendees of the tools they will need for the class. Have participants pay a fee to join on social media using Google Meet, YouTube, Zoom, etc to have a night of fun and laughter and maybe a glass of wine to get the creative JUICES going!

Dance Competition –  Invite family and friends to join in a night of dance on social media!  Have participants pay a fee and join on platforms like YouTube, Zoom & Google Meet. Let go and get your “Wabble” on!

Era Fashion Show – Dress like the 20’s, 30’s, 50’s or even the 80’s and invite friends to the virtual ‘time” party. Have participants pay a fee to enter and post the pics to social media and let others make a donation to vote for the most fashionable!

Spelling Bee – call all your “smart” friends and wage a little competition.  Have everyone join on social media using YouTube, Zoom or GoogleMeet, etc and have participants pay a fee to test their BRAINS! (Same can be done for Trivia)

Jump Rope Competition – Boost your cardio by jumping! Kids and adults could compete in two different classes. Have participants join on social media through Google Meet, Zoom or YouTube.  Designate a time keeper and have participants ask for pledges from family and friends to see how long they can jump. The longer the jumping the more money they raise!