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Welcome Team Captain!

Thank you for becoming a team captain for Angels Among Us. As a team captain, your job is to motivate your family, friends, and colleagues to join your team and collect donations. Our job is to give you the tools to make your team captain experience fun and rewarding.

  • Pick a Team Name:  Have fun naming your team. We have some very creative and inspiring team names. Check the "Team List" so you don't duplicate an existing team name.
  • Register Your Team Online: To register a new team, click Form a New Team. The system will walk you through the process. Please add your story on the Team Page, if you haven't already; or add a picture or video. Watch video on how to set up page
  • Register a Returning Team:  Watch video on how to re-activate your team 
    Click on the blue "Login" at the top right corner using your user id and password from last year. A display box with your team name will appear; clicking on the team name will re-activate your team for this year. You will be directed to your participant page from last year. Please add your story on the Team Page, if you haven't already; or add a picture or video.
  • Email Your Team Information:  Please send your name, preferred email, and who the team is in honor or memory of to angelsamongus@duke.edu. You will receive updates and important event day information.
  • Team T-shirts:  Many teams design a special t-shirt for their team members to wear on event day; while this is a fun idea, it is not required.

Logging into your participant center:

team page snip.JPGOnce you log in from the home page of Angels Among Us you are automatically taken to your participant center. 

As team captain, there are 2 pages you have access to: TEAM and PERSONAL(access for each is on the right side in the participant center)

1. The TEAM PAGE is what donors and team members view when they click on your team name. This is the team's main page. Add your story about why you are participating and a photo.  Here you can change the team goal, check team progress, access donor information, create emails to members, and more.

2. The PERSONAL PAGE is your personal donation page. If you want people to make a donation under your name, they should click your name from the team page and donate here. This page is designed to allow each team member to raise money and keep track of their progress.


Brains are the New Boobs.jpgTools to help you get Started:

  • Participation Guide:  This guide provides you with tips on how to maneuver around the participant center.
  • Team Captain Guide:  This guide provides you with the steps to create a successful team, including ideas for fundraising and sample letters to send to friends and businesses.
  • Team Donation Form:  This form is for you and your team members to use when asking people to make gifts or pledges to support your team.
  • Video tutorials: Create a shorter team URL   |   Re-activate your team   |    Set up team page
  • Matching Gifts:  Ask your donors if their employer is part of Duke's Company Matching Program. This is a great way to double their donation.
  • Event Information:  Below are links to fact sheets about The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center and Angels Among Us. This is great information to give to local businesses, corporations, or individuals when approaching them for a donation. We want to keep the public informed about the research, treatments, and care given at Duke. 


 WALL OF HONOR & REMEMBRANCE:  The Wall of Honor & Remembrance will be set up for you to celebrate your survivor or the life of your loved one.  You may post pictures, poems, stories….whatever you would like to place on the wall to celebrate their life.  Supplies are available. We ask that you take your precious mementos with you when you leave the event.|

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T-SHIRT CONTEST:  Have you sent a picture of your team shirt (front and back) to Anne Beebe at anne.beebe@duke.edu? If not, do so today!




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History of Angels Among Us